The beaches near Almancil present conditions of excellence for bathing, for which they all boast the Blue Flag Award.
The mild climate, the long hours of sunshine and the vast natural areas of pinewood, marsh and dunes, favor and complement this qualified offer.

The nearest beaches to Almancil are:

  • Vale do Lobo Beach
  • Garrão – West Beach
  • Garrão – East Beach
  • Ancão Beach
  • Quinta do Lago Beach


The Algarve is famous for its excellent golf courses and we can say without exaggeration that the best ones are in the municipality of Loulé (Quarteira, Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago), both in terms of layout and in terms of the framework landscaping, with rare occurrences along the coast providing spectacular views.

Combining these potentialities with the excellent climate of the region, we get the reason why the best golfers from all over the world visit the county's fields all year round.

Loulé Gem Salt Mines

Of the many kilometers of galleries that extend under Loulé, between the 230 and 270 meters of depth, is extracted rock salt of great purity (content superior to 90%).

Loulé Municipal Market

Loulé is economically the most important city in the interior of the Algarve. Already since the Middle Ages, in Loulé a market is realized.

The Municipal Market building, the symbol of the city, was built at the end of the last century in an architectural style that integrates classic elements of Moorish composition.

On Saturdays, farmers in the region and the Alentejo sell their products here and create a neat scenario for buyers and tourists.

Loulé Castle

In the Islamic period, Loulé (al-Ulya) was one of the main administrative centers and one of the most celebrated locations by the Arab geographers who described the territory of the Algarve.

What remains of its castle and its walls well testifies to the importance it had in the Islamic context, both for the dimensions of the walled fence and for the artistic and archaeological relevance of the identified materials.

Karting Almancil

Inaugurated in 1992, Almancil Karting is a family-oriented amusement park and a competition complex that is available to all motorsport lovers: Karting!

The Main Circuit is 760m long and is a replica of the old Formula 1 Brazilian circuit "Jacarepaguá" and was inaugurated by Ayrton Senna.